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Jointly established by Cardiff University, Dalian University of Technology, China Communications Construction Company
Jointly established by Cardiff University, Dalian University of Technology, China Communications Construction Company

Energy Efficiency for European Sport Facilities

In this project, it developed an ontology-based framework for energy management in buildings. We divide the functional architecture of a building energy management system into three interconnected modules that include building management system (BMS), benchmarking (BMK), and evaluation & control (ENC) modules. The BMS module is responsible for measuring several useful environmental parameters, as well as real-time energy consumption of the building. The BMK module provides the necessary information required to understand the context and cause of building energy efficiency or inefficiency, and also the information which can further differentiate normal and abnormal energy consumption in different scenarios. The ENC module evaluates all the information coming from BMS and BMK modules, the information is contextualized, and finally the cause of energy inefficiency/abnormality and mitigating control actions are determined. Methodology to design appropriate ontology and inference rules for various modules is also discussed. With the help of actual data obtained from three different rooms in a commercial building in Singapore, a case study is developed to demonstrate the application and advantages of the proposed framework.

SportE2: Energy Efficiency for European Sport Facilities (Ref: 260124, total cost: € 4,664,310)

Principle Investigator: Prof. Haijiang LI

Team members: Dr. Chunfeng Yang; Dr. Ioan Petri; Dr. Baris Yuce, Dr. Bejay Jayan

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SportE2 optimization core - watch the video

SportE2 user interfaces - watch the video

SportE2 Product Data Sheet

Relevant Publications:

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