BIM for Smart Engineering Centre
Jointly established by Cardiff University, Dalian University of Technology, China Communications Construction Company
Jointly established by Cardiff University, Dalian University of Technology, China Communications Construction Company

The research focus in this area lies on the domain data, information and process standardization across different sectors throughout life cycle, and especially for the knowledge-based information exchanging requirement for smart collboration and holistic decision making.

Rooted with the industry BIM practices, evidenced in his 40+ BIM research projects (advanced BIM applications across different domains) and 30+ MSc BIM projects (focusing on fundamental BIM skills, e.g. 3D parametric modelling, clash detection, 4D/nD modelling, design collaboration etc.), Prof. Li has been standing in the front tier for UK and open BIM (buildingSMART) research & development;  he participated in the early stages (starting from 2008) UK BIM research (Script – A4B, RegBIM–TSB, GovernBIM–BRE, CloudBIM–KTP & EPSRC, and large scale BIM PhD research projects – sponsored widely by EPSRC and UK industry), research & training developments with BRE (Building Research Establishment, BIM certificate) and research & development with buildingSMART UK and international.

Prof. Li thrives to solve industry BIM implementation issues, supported with his deep understanding for UK BIM level 2 specifics and beyond; buildingSMART standards and China national & industry BIM standards; and universal BIM governance framework. He is currently leading a large scale buildingSMART international research and development project – IFC Port and Waterways (total value: €2.5M, 2017-2022); and also intensively involved in China BIM standards development (buildings and infrastructure), e.g. Chief guest BIM scientist for China Communications Construction Company (CCCC, ranked No. 91 in Fortune 500 in 2017) , China State Construction Engineering Group (CSCEG, ranked No.23 in Fortune 500 in 2017), and LubanSoft Ltd. Shanghai. These activities have led to an international high-end BIM forum held in Cardiff (sponsored by Royal Academy of Engineering – Future BIM, 2016) and a prestigious book publication “China, USA and UK BIM Standards and Technology Policy” (2018, China Construction Industry Publisher, sponsored by China 13th Five-Year Plan);  

Prof. Li’s BIM research also covers BIM regulation compliance checking; BIM data, information and process quality control; BIM maturity model and framework development, training and certification. This area has secured funding from different sources, e.g. EU Erasmus+ BIM4VET, EU H2020 BIMEET, and BIM4QA KESS2, and recently a new project sponsored by CCCC, aiming at developing new generation unified BIM guidelines, framework and the corresponding smart BIM compliance and supporting platform (metaBIM project, 2019-2022, total value: £300,000).

Prof. Haijiang Li’s team is achieving its momentum thanks to the recent significant research development with buildingSMART international, CCCC (China Communications Construction Company), CSCEG (China State Construction Engineering Group), Dalian University of Technology and other intensive involvements in China BIM development and policy making. MOUs (Memorandum of Understandings) for comprehensive collaborations have been signed between these organizations, and A new multi-partner BIM for Smart Engineering Centre is planned to be set up, with significant investment from CCCC (2018-2023 investment agreement signed) and in-kind contributions from other partners.  

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