BIM for Smart Engineering Centre
Jointly established by Cardiff University, Dalian University of Technology, China Communications Construction Company
Jointly established by Cardiff University, Dalian University of Technology, China Communications Construction Company

3rd - 6th April 2017, Barcelona

Group photos of the candidate membersĀ in buildingSMART International Summit

buildingSMART International Organization BIM Technology Barcelona International Summit was held in Spain. The department of Construction Management of Dalian University of Technology and staff from China Communication Construction Company and Cardiff University attended the summit.

Based on the previous collaboration, Cardiff university and China Communications Construction company concerning the preliminary research on the establishment of BIM international standard for Port and Water infrastructure information model technology" project, Sun Ziyu, Vice President and Chief Engineer of China Communications Construction, gave a keynote speech entitled "IFC International Standard for Port and Water Infrastructure Information Model" and had a communications with Richard Petrie, chairman of buildingSMART. Both reached the broad consensus on cooperation in the Research of IFC International standards and application of BIM technology. The involved parties have complementary advantages in Port and Wateration infrastructure concerning the BIM technology and potentially achieve the win-win cooperation. The Summit determined that China Communications Construction Company will lead the research and construction of IFC international standards for Port and Water infrastructure. As the authoritative International BIM open-source organization, buildingSMART aims to promote the information exchange and cooperation between the participants during the entire life cycle of construction projects. The BIM technology IFC standard prepared by the buildingSMART organization can also be further incorporated into the ISO international standard.

The MOU signed between CU & DUT, CCCC and buildingSMART

Based on this common understanding, the China Communications Construction Company, Cardiff University BIM Research team and buildingSMART will further cooperate with each other to carry out IFC international standard research on BIM technology for Port and Water infrastructure.This summit will promote the in-depth cooperation between Cardiff university and industry partners in China, promote the application research of BIM technology in the field of international infrastructure and participate in the development of international standards.

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