Cardiff BIMSE team visit partner group at Chang'an University for collaborative research

28th November 2017, Chang'an University

Group photos : Cardiff University delegations and Chang'an University representatives

On the morning of November 28, 2017, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the Chang‘an University Transportation BIM Research Center and Prof. Li Haijiang of Cardiff University was held at the School of Economics and Management of Chang'an University.

The main research collaboration between both parties include high-performance computing and decision support for large-scale system integration, monitoring, modeling, analysis, optimization, and management of complex buildings and infrastructure. Director Wang Jianwei, deputy director Professor Liu Qibo, Chang Jie University's International Cooperation and Exchange Officer Jia Jiechi, and center member Xu Sheng attended the signing ceremony with Prof Haijiang Li.

Meeting with Chang'an University