Cardiff University and Dalian Universiy of Technology Collaboration Seminar/Workshop

2018 and 2019 - Cardiff University

Visiting DUT with Professor Rudolf Allemann, the Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University 

From September 9, 2018, to September 28, 2018, based on the previous collaboration with Dalian University of Technology of its Faculty of Construction Engineering Civil Engineering School, The BIM team in Cardiff engineering School carried out the academic exchange activities. The leaders of both schools signed strategic cooperation agreements.

The exchange stressed on Cardiff University's BIM research related domain. It carried out rich, targeted, and professionally-integrated visits in the form of academic lectures, laboratory experiments, school-enterprise symposiums, and campus visits.

Collaboration agreement between CU and DUT

This seminar/workshop between two universities further strengthens international cooperation and academic exchanges. Prof Rudolf Allemann; Prof. Sam Evans;Prof. Omer Rana; Prof. Haijiang Li; Prof. Jianzhong Wu; Prof. Shunqi Pan; Prof. Johannes Benedikt; Dr.Xin Yang and the representatives of engineering and mechanics department, software department, Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering department, State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering in Dalian University of Technology are involved in the joint Seminar/Workshop.

This exchange not only enhanced the effect of cooperation and contact but also promoted the improvement of the comprehensive strength of researchers and stimulated the interest and enthusiasm of students for further study.