BIMSE team attends the China Civil Engineering Society 2018 Academic Annual Conference

27th September 2018

Group photos of representativies  of Cardiff univeristy ,BRE and CSCEG in the conference

On September 27, the 2018 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering was held in Tianjin. This annual conference is hosted by the Chinese Civil Engineering Society and undertaken by China Architecture. The theme is "Smart City and Civil Engineering". More than 20 experts, academicians, scholars, entrepreneurs from the civil engineering field across the country, and industry professionals from Canada and the United Kingdom 500 people gathered to discuss new ideas, new measures, and exchanges on the new ideas, technologies, and trends of smart city construction in the field of civil engineering.

Both the China and Cardiff teams attach great importance to the development of smart construction. Early exploration and application of advanced technologies such as BIM technology and smart site construction, robotics, 3D printing, etc., promoted the combination of building industrialization and smart construction. Xiong'an Citizen Service Center and other large-scale construction and infrastructure projects have been better practiced in China. The main results are reflected in the optimization of smart design, which significantly improves the design efficiency and quality through the application of BIM, virtual reality, cloud computing and other technologies; the creation of smart construction sites has been able to better support project objective management and resource management, and has improved the level of project collaborative management; Implement smart management, and explore in building enterprise basic platforms such as enterprise decision analysis systems, security and risk management systems.

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