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BIM processes and implementation technology has brought about revolutionary change for construction industry.  BIM standards, including data representation, naming and classification, process integration, exchanging requirement and collaboration mechanism, etc., are vital for BIM implementation. Internationally, many counties are working on BIM standards. The UK government mandated BIM level 2 practice starting from April 2016, and now is working on BIM level 3 standards development.

BuildingSMART, an international organisation which aims to improve information exchange between software applications used in the construction industry, is also contributing to the development of BIM ISO standards. These standards are helping the construction industry to improve productivity, but it is still not clear or in its early stage on how to become fully BIM compliant for so many options – e.g. BRE, BSI, IFC or other variants for different countries, and how to conduct qualitative and quantitative quality checking, and realize BIM based life cycle data and information sharing and integration. Current tools are more manual based, and lack mature and smart ways to support the quality checking.

This 3-year research project, sponsored by the China Communications Construction Company and Cardiff University, aims at developing a new generation digital BIM compliance platform, which underlines the institutional data, information and knowledge standardization and orchestration, to enable automatic multi-national/organizational BIM standards compliance and quality checking, and ultimately lead to much more advanced and highly efficient BIM execution hence project productivity for the large organization.

The recruited post-doc research associate and PhD researcher will work together with the existing Cardiff BIM team (led by Prof. Haijiang Li): (1) to standardize and streamline the existing information processing flow to enable different institutional BIM certification for CCCC and several case projects; (2) to develop a smart and purposes focused BIM x-ray engine to collectively aggregate all the required data, according to the pre-built and self-evolving knowledge reasoning base, to produce the required compliance documentation and quality checking; (3) to develop the combined and unified BIM maturity model and compliance KPIs for meta-BIM standards development; and (4) to work towards a new generation digital, smart and knowledge oriented, performance based BIM quality assurance framework.

The developed work will be validated in real infrastructural case study projects conducted by CCCC all over the world.

X-Ray Engine

The X-Ray engine forms the primary platform for BIM compliance checking developments. This system, on which the checking rules are based on developed ontologies, is initially being developed for compliance checking to BS EN ISO19650. Eventually, research from Work Package 3 will integrate with this software, extending the system's capabilities to perform compliance checks to other BIM standards.

Semantic knowledge base

For multi-standards compliance checking, ontologies will be merged and aligned and collated into a meta-standard.

The BIM standards are to be stored in a triple-set ontology database which store the semantic rule sets.

These rule sets can then be used for BIM compliance checking and BIM effectiveness assessment.

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