Project Deliverables

All publically available deliverables in relation to this project can be found on this page.

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Title Status Ref/Link
IFC for Ports & Waterways Project Summary FINAL IR-PH-WP0-R001
IFC for Ports & Waterways Project Plan FINAL IR-PH-WP0-R002
IFC for Ports & Waterways Requirements Analysis Report FINAL IR-PH-WP2-R001
IFC for Ports & Waterways Deliverables Summary DRAFT IR-PH-WP7-R001


Other Documents

Title Type Status Link
bSI UML Modelling Guidelines PDF DRAFT IR-CS-WP2-R001
IFC for Ports & Waterways Taxonomy Excel V1.3 IR-PH-WP2-E001
IFC for Ports & Waterways Property Sets Excel V0.2 IR-PH-WP3-E001
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