Digital Twins Engine

DT for for Building, Infrastructure and Smart City
Real time sensing 
-> smart cleansing, edge computing, 5G transmitting, smart storage (structured / non-structure SQL database; RDF database, real time and life cycle tracking changes) 
Real time analysis data fusion -> to produce the exact data/information for inter-linked analyses, dynamically aggregated and de-aggregated (based on smart MVD)
Real time decision making -> reasoning against rules / knowledge (ontology), alternatives batch producing (parallel / distributed computing), collaborative analysis engine (federated a series of inter-linked analyses), holistic decision made (heuristic optimization)
Real time action and progress tracking -> process automation & tracking (automation engine), self-evolving (machine learning), real time adopting new changes/lessons learnt (NLP process)


With the new 3D rendering technology, the Real Time Digital Twins Engine (RTDT, supported by BlackHole engine) can process multi-type and large-scale BIM model data and provide accurate spatial analysis and computing capability. For the production and management of large-scale intelligent architecture-related scenes, RTDT supports multi-professional collaborative production to improve production efficiency and reduce data management costs.


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